Could the food you eat be what is making you sick?


In the future, the Dr will not give medicine but will involve the patient in proper use of food, fresh air and exercise” – Edison.

  • Almost 50% of people are on multiple medications at age 30!
  • 1/3 are obese.
  • 1/2 fighting a chronic disease or condition.

Try this perspective… When you go to the zoo the animals are placed in an environment that mimics their own habitat. They are fed what they would eat in the wild naturally. They each have specific diets, and we provide this for them… without question. Otherwise they will get sick and most likely die.

Similarly, humans have been taken out of their natural eating habits. But we have changed our diet to fast food and processed food. Food that is changed so much before it gets to our plate that it isn’t really food at all!  And we wonder why we are so sick? Are humans so different? Do we not need the food we are made to eat?


A look back at the beginning

Since the earth was created man has spent their day’s hunting for food to survive. They had no choice but to work hard to make sure they had enough food for the winter or in times of drought.

  • Man kind would eat to survive. Times with little food were common.
  • The animals they hunted and the crops they harvested were all natural. Nothing added or modified.
  • A choice of wild meat, spinach and carrots for super (for example) that were fresh that day. Great taste.
  • Soil was good and full of naturally occurring nutrients and minerals.

Because the human body naturally knows that there are times of famine and times of feast, it will store up some fat to use just in case. This was very good in early days. The body could eat away at the fat in the belly during low food times.

Today it is a different story… 

Today in North America we go to work primarily sitting all day. And come home and sit some more in front of the TV for example… Meanwhile eating lots.

  • We are always eating. (Living to eat…)
  • What is brought home to eat is modified and topped up with synthetic chemicals. It is hardly real food anymore.
  • A choice of McDonald’s or KFC while running to work or arriving at home late is our norm.

There is no famine. Only feast, all the time. And the body keeps storing up for the winter (or famine) but it never comes…

Comparisons- then vs now.  

  1. Eating to live/survive VS Eating for pleasure/addiction.
  2. At times little to no food VS Tons of food, all the time.
  3. Natural/Organic, fresh, raw food VS Chemically filled, modified and depleted of nutrients.

So why is North America so sick? (If you can’t guess from the above comparisons…)

Look at other cultures around the world. Some are following us but others have very little sickness!? Primarily cultures that live and work off the land in the middle of the jungle.. what does that tell us??

  • They have little stress.
  • Their land/soil, air and food is far away from any modification or pollution.
  • Fresh, natural, whole, raw food.
  • They eat to live not live to eat!
  • No Long-term medications?!
  • No additives (preservatives/chemicals etc..)
  •  Deaths are most likely caused by the rough weather, terrain and hygiene. (which today we have emergency treatments to control infections from these if needed.)
  • They are not sick like us.
  • Longevity lives there.

Health and wellness lives there! Let’s look to the healthy and see how they are living! Because obviously our way is NOT working.

What is going on today in North America with our food anyway?

 “You are what you eat. If that is true, and it is, then we are in big trouble”.

The food we eat today is hardly food at all! Our government and pharmaceutical or “drug” industry has taken over. They do not want the truth out that food is medicine, medicine they cannot make a profit on. Their market is bringing in the TRILLIONS of dollars every year!

If simple food is the answer to healing they would be out of business. They hide the truth, and we are brainwashed to it. If we hear someone raving about raw vegetables healing sickness we automatically think “extremist”.

I have a friend who had an early onset of MS. She was taking several different medications (very expensive too). Some medications were to counteract the side-effects of another med. She was living in pain. I told her that if she changed her lifestyle and diet it could greatly enhance her health and even help heal her body completely! She replied “I don’t believe in that stuff”.

We have been fooled! This is not something you believe in! This is information that is proven and saving thousands of lives! This information is sadly being kept from us.

Our food is:

  • Modified.
  • Refined.
  • Sprayed with chemicals/herbicides/pesticides
  • Filled with synthetic additives and preservatives.
  • Soil is deficient and polluted.

All these have killed and intoxicated are food! They kill animals and intern will kill us. All to make it look better, last longer, to mass produce and make more money. Hormones and steroids are administered to make food/animals grow bigger faster…

Yes the demand is high but this is not the way! Antibiotics are given to fight the disease that chemicals and horrible living conditions are causing in the first place! Just look at the labels on our food. The list is long and “who really knows what is in our food?”

“We need to know everything that we put in our bodies”.

We have left the farm and hit the supermarket.

Since the industrial revolution food has never been the same. As time went on, fewer people lived off the land, and the factories started to come in. With machines food was able to be made faster and in larger quantities. Obviously saving money and making more money.

Eventually the population started to take off, especially after the War with the baby boomers. Food was in high demand. Therefore, in came synthetic chemicals. I believe now we have over 7500! These are all added to food for faster and bigger growth.

Products could now last a lot longer with preservatives… And so our food began to be changed and our nutrition compromised. Our health has never been the same.

Our food has to pass through many machines, injections and hands before it reaches our table. By the time our food gets to us it is depleted of nutrients. It may have started with good intentions but not anymore.

Our bodies are fighting to be healthy! We are so Toxic and Deficient that it does not have what it needs to stay healthy! We are sick. And instead of healing, we stay sick. 

Jason Vale ( has a very good analogy that made it very clear to me on what is really going on in our bodies.

Say for example you have a fish in a fish bowl… Instead of feeding it normal fish food you start to put in – pop, chips, alcohol, fries, etc.. You keep adding grease and junk food to the bowl and never clean the water. The clear water becomes very dirty and toxic. The fish starts to get fat from eating these things and look very distressed. It does not seem to have its energy anymore. What do you think will happen to the fish? Will it eventually die?

But not so fast! Lets give it some medications.. Maybe that will help him? No! What is the obvious answer??? First, it is Deficient in the food that it needs. Second, its environment is so Toxic that it is impossible to continue to live in it anymore. The obvious answer is it needs clean water! And it needs its proper food!! It’s the same with our body!

Are bodies are incredible and can take a huge beating before giving up. However, our quality of life will not be good and we will ultimately start to accumulate conditions and diseases and die prematurely. It’s so obvious but we have become blind to it.

We cannot keep giving our bodies junk and think a pill will just make it better. The symptoms will start to show. It will get worse and worse. Medications intoxify the body and mask the symptoms. These symptoms are telling us that there is something wrong! The body is Toxic and Deficient. When the gas light in our car comes on and we need to give it gas before it runs out.  When it takes gas we don not give it diesel.. etc.. See my point?

See, if you cut your hand the skin will scar over and heal. If it can heal on the outside why can’t it heal on the inside? But it can! And It does!

The body naturally does not want to be sick.

It is always trying to get things back to its normal state. (Called Homeostasis) We just need to give it the nutrients it needs to be able to heal. It starts with putting in the good and eventually the bad will get crowded out!

The body will heal and when it does – it will all heal! It is one system! In order for this to happen, we need to get back to the garden! Natural, raw food!

“The less human interference the better”.

If you put to practice what I am proposing we do, you may soon experience a very clear mind and lots of energy. You can lose weight faster than going to the gym! You will look better. Your nails, hair, eyes, skin.. all can heal, be stronger and clear up! Able to breath and no pain! Even eventually off your medications! We will not be as sick as often because our immune system will be stronger and will be able to fight off viruses and pathogens a lot easier.

Once you start eating natural and getting nutrients your body needs the body will just want more and more! Cravings for junk will get less and less and before you know it you will be looking and feeling healthy again!

Published by Daniel Matthews

My passion is to help people regain their health through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle! I currently work as a Paramedic and an AIM Living Well Coach.

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