What is Kombucha and why should I drink it? – DIY guide Included!



It is actually not as scary and “hippie” as it sounds! I was a little hesitant at first, however it has helped me and my family with our bowel health so much!

As I mentioned in the article the first thing we need to reboot our health” , one of the things we can do for healing our bowels (which in turn will clear up a host of other issues we have) is adding Probiotics to our diet. We can do this easily by drinking kombucha! This drink will help bring healing to our Gut and to our entire Body!

So what is kombucha?

It was discovered by the Chinese thousands of years ago. It is made by fermenting tea using a Scoby. A scoby is a colony of bacteria and yeast that grows together in water, sugar and tea, feeding on the sugar and fermenting the drink with time as it grows. This creates a very nutritious carbonated drink full of probiotics! Tastes good too!


Why should we have it?

  1. Most importantly, Kombucha contains a very large amount of probiotics! These probiotics (good bacteria) line the digestive tract (our bowels) protecting them, and keeping them clean and in-shape… In turn, our now healthy gut, significantly supports our immune system to be able to fight off disease and illnesses! You may recognize some of the probiotic strands that are in it –
  • Gluconacetobacter
  • Lactobacillus
  • Zygosaccharomyces

2. It is filled with many B vitamins. B1, B2, 3,6,12… It has many Enzymes, Anti-oxidants and Minerals as well to get the body what it needs! It is the full meal deal with plenty of nutrients for our body. These aid in minimizing inflammation, tumors and things that harm our immune system. Besides the bowels, the brain, heart and lungs also benefit from this greatly.

3. It is good for Detoxification in fighting off toxicity that kills our cells… Toxins are a big cause of disease today.

4. It boosts our energy! The fermentation creates Iron that sends oxygen to the cells..

5. Lastly, I will mention that it is good for our Joints! Glucosamines are created which increases synovial fluid that supports collagen. Collagen is a well-known protein for holding tissues together.

So you can see why it is good for us. The probiotics alone are a good enough reason to take it! This will clean your gut up quick. Once our gut is cleaned up, our other organ systems will be able to start being cleaned and begin to work properly again. This produces a healthy body and a body that is strong to fight off illnesses!

All Summed up.

When the Gut is healthy than disease cannot easily live. Kombucha is one very helpful way to protect the lining of our bowels and fight off harmful bacteria and toxins. We then will alleviate our body by giving it the help it needs to heal. Healthy bowels will help with many big things like Cancer to the smaller things like Candida… From losing weight to taking away inflammation that causes Arthritis. Our body will overcome its deficiencies and possibly result in taking no more medications.

When we have the root cause fixed our body will heal.

We just need to give it what it needs to be able to activate the healing process.


How do I make it?

Tips to start –Komb

  • Use a glass jar that will fit at least 2 liters of water leaving a few inches under the lid. It must also have a wide opening/lid cover.
  • Use whole organic cane sugar if at all possible.
  • Use organic green or regular tea.
  • Always store it in glass jars. Mason jars work well. Once ready to store in the fridge, put the lid on tight until you hear a small “pop”. We then know it will keep its carbonation for longer. Or find glass bottles with snap on lids etc..
  • You can get a kombucha starter kit at your local health food store. Or get a starter scoby from a friend that has started some already. **Just be sure that your scoby is in about 1 liter of kombucha. It needs this to feed off of and stay alive. Also you will need it to start your new batch.
  • This recipe lasts us a few weeks.. But If you find you are drinking more, than increase the recipe and simply make more!


  1. Boil 2 liters (8 cups) of water and pour it into your jar.
  2. Place 5 tea bags in and let them steep for 5-10min.
  3. Put at least 1 1/2 cups of sugar in. Mix well… (put it in with the tea bags or wait until they are steeped) *I’ve put up to 2 cups of sugar in with no difference.
  4. Once stirred and steeped, then take the tea bags out and place a thin cloth or cheese cloth over the jar with an elastic around.
  5. Now let it sit until it is just room temperature. It can take awhile to cool so I like to do it in the evening and finish first thing in the morning.
  6. Once the water is at room temperature then place the Scoby in with 1 cup of already made Kombucha.
  7. Place it on the counter or in a place that it can set at room temperature for 7 days at least. The longer it sits the more fermented it will get. As you do it, you will get used to what you like.
  8. When you reach your desired taste you can take the scoby out and put your fresh kombucha into glass jars to store in the fridge ready to drink!
  9. Make sure you save 1 cup of your fresh Kombucha and pour it into a new batch with your scoby. Place it in the fridge until your ready to make more!

∗Flavouring (New)

We have recently been trying to add different flavours to our Kombucha!

  • Ginger
  • Ginger – Lime
  • Orange
  • Ginger – Mint

To do this, start at step 8 above…

  1. Once the new brew is placed into its jars to drink from. Add at least a tsp of sugar per litre.
  2. Then experiment adding your desired flavour.
  3. Let it sit for 4-5 days out on the counter tightly sealed.
  4. After those days then take the little scoby growth out and continue to step 9.

When and How to take it?kombucha

I usually take it before I eat anything in the morning. That way it can get right to my gut to let it do its work. I have good results with it. It usually gets the bowels moving great the way we want it to! Click “here” to learn what a good bowel movement is.  I drink a small glass once every day. Others I know take a lot more.. Start with a small amount and gradually increase it. Also, you can add it to juices or use it when you cook.. We add it to apple sauce for our girls and they love it! Be creative with it!

To finish.. Add this with kefir to your daily routine, and it will be an awesome team of – natural – homemade – easy on the wallet – probiotics for your gut and whole body health!

If we start adding healthy habits in, the bad habits will die out.

Question for you!

Have you tried Kombucha yet? If so, what has your experience been like and what flavour is your favorite?!


Please comment below! I would love to hear from you!

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Published by Daniel Matthews

My passion is to help people regain their health through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle! I currently work as a Paramedic and an AIM Living Well Coach.

3 thoughts on “What is Kombucha and why should I drink it? – DIY guide Included!

  1. Hey, Dan. We’re currently doing a reset after Christmas by following Whole 30. No sugar allowed on Whole 30. Are there any kombucha recipes that work without the sugar? I believe so many of our health issues are connected in part to our sugar consumption in North America, as well as other issues such as you’ve mentioned. We definitely need to heal our guts for long-term health.


    1. Hey thanks for the comment! Yes refined or modified sugar is the #1 killer and its in everything today. But dont worry at all about the sugar in Kombucha! The bacteria (scoby) feeds on it essentially eating it all. It is a perfect drink!


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