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Welcome to Re-think-Health! I am so glad you are here! is all about Helping the WHOLE FAMILY rethink the way we EAT and LIVE today for a healthy LIFESTYLE tomorrow!

So WHY do we need to rethink our health?

Working in the health care system today, I began to very quickly see that the vast majority of us are sick BECAUSE of the LIFESTYLE we live. What we put into our bodies will either HARM us or HELP us. Despite the advancements in medical care and treatment, we are very sick and not getting better. People are starting to look for answers and they should.

We have moved far away from how we are made to eat and live. We have forgotten how to take care of our bodies and we leave it all to a PILL to fix everything.

Good health does not make a lot of dollars. Therefore, the message is hidden! We are not taught on how we can have a great quality of life- free from restriction, medications and sickness. It can be possible.

We can heal. Our bodies don’t want to be sick. They are constantly trying to get back to their normal healthy state. Once our cells receive what they need to do their job, then the body has an incredible ability to heal! The body is one system. Once it starts to heal then every part can heal.

We must not just provide “symptom relief” but we MUST also get to the root of the problem enabling us to overcome our sickness.

I believe that we are sick because our diet and lifestyle today has left us (our cells) TOXIC & DEFICIENT. If we improve and correct these, then we have a great chance of healing.

To start you may like these articles ⇒ Do you need to re-think your health?

⇒  Could what has happened to our food today be why we are so sick?



Our goal here at re-think-health

is to help guide families back to living healthy lives. We have been given all we need to live a healthy life. If we start adding in good habits then the bad habits will eventually go. We can have such better quality of lives.

  • Increased energy..
  • Decreased pain..
  • Clear mind and better memory..
  • Weight lost..
  • Chronic conditions healed?

Let’s do this in 2 ways.

    1. Let’s start with some foundation blocks to shape our mindset and educate us on our health.
  1. Then begin adding in practical ways that a family can be healthy in this busy world we live in today. 

We will cover things like…

  • The Food we eat…
  • The lifestyle we live…
  • The medications we take…
  • The diagnoses we live with…
  • The healthcare system we have.
  • The culture we live in…
  • How our cells, tissues, organs and organ systems work to maintain our health…

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So.. Welcome! We would love it if you join us on this road to re-thinking our health today!

How to navigate through

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On the HOME page or in the MENU bar on the top right, you will find pages for:

  • JUICING & BLENDING PAGE This is an “all in one” all you need guide!
  • RECIPE PAGE ⇒ There you will find recipes the whole family will love for juicing and blending.
  • PODCAST PAGE Here you can tune in to each weeks broadcast, talking about nutrition for families in todays culture.
  • PRODUCTS PAGE This will direct you to a list of supplements that we highly recommend to help boost your cells to good health again. You can subscribe to save with a yearly fee of only 20$! (I will receive a small commission)
  • ARTICLES (Blog) PAGE ⇒ Go to the HOME page and scroll down until you get to the blog posts. I write about how to begin living a healthy life and practical ways to work towards it.
  • CONTACT PAGE ⇒ Please contact me at any time. I would love to hear from you!


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Welcome to!

Published by Daniel Matthews

My passion is to help people regain their health through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle! I currently work as a Paramedic and an AIM Living Well Coach.

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