Why is it important to buy locally grown food?

Re-think-health Podcast episode. Buying local food.

Re-think-health is a huge believer in producing and consuming Local food.

The healthiest food comes from our own gardens here at home. Today we have drifted away from the local farm and hit the supermarkets. We need to get back to local / home grown food!

Today I will be talking with a friend of mine Troy Winker. He has recently started his own farm called Solagratia farms just outside of the city. We will talk about… ↓

  • Why he decided to start a farm and how his passion grew.
  • What style of farming he does and why it is so important.
  • And also what he is growing and how we can get some of this great quality food for our families.

Tune in each week as I aim to help families RETHINK the way we EAT and LIVE today for a Healthy LIFESTYLE tomorrow!

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My question for you!

  • Does your family buy local/ organic/ natural food or do you tend to eat fast food or buy from the supermarkets more often? 

        Let me know in the comment section below!

Published by Daniel Matthews

My passion is to help people regain their health through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle! I currently work as a Paramedic and an AIM Living Well Coach.

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