RTH Season 1 Podcast review

Through just a few generations it seems like we have unintentionally, with maybe good intentions, replaced real food with processed and modified food. Actually the majority of “food” that we eat I would argue is not real food and has no nutritional value!

We live such fast paced lives that has caused us to depend upon and become addicted to sugar and processed food that is made quickly and conveniently for us at the drive-thru. I believe that this is a root problem to our weight increase and our health decrease. However! It is not too late to turn your health around and to do so you must begin to re-think your health. It can be possible to live a healthy, vibrant life.

I hope that this years’ Podcast channel has spread the word a bit more about how we can be healthy in today’s world. And that maybe even one family has been impacted by it!

The Goal of Re-think-health Podcast

Is to go back to the basics of what a healthy life consists of to help families rethink the way we eat and live so that we may regain our health. We are so fortunate today with many advancements in health care through; techniques, technology, therapies, treatments, hygiene and so many super-foods being available to us from all over the world, all year‘round… We have been given all we need to live a healthy life!


In case you missed any Episodes…

Since the beginning of 2019 I have started the re-think-health Podcast channel. I began focusing on teaching foundation blocks to get our mindset off the standard American diet train, and to begin back on the track to better health in the midst of the culture we face today. We talked about…   (Click on the highlighted words for each linked article/podcast)

Then… After giving a bit of education, I spent time this year interviewing different people with testimonies of their health story.

  • Testimonies of weight loss and symptoms gone!
  • How a heart can be in its best shape ever!
  • I interviewed my 88 year old grandfather to talk about how he has maintained great health through the years.
  • The good and the bad about coffee

At re-think-health I focus on our lifestyle and the food we eat. There is so much available to us today that can help different parts of the body and not many people are aware. I want the word to get out!

Whether you like to read or listen, all these topics are available on re-think-health.com. I believe you and your family can have a good knowledge of the importance of rethinking your health and how to start living a healthy life.

In the Fall…

I am excited to continue my passion for health with a new season of learning and teaching. I plan to become more practical by having a free – easy – DIY Smoothie plan! With new recipes! A weekly video will be added to my Youtube channel and later a Course for Juicing!

Is there anything that I have not covered this podcast season that you would like to know about? Or is there any one who has a great testimony that I should interview? Let me know! It helps me better serve you to know what you want to know!

I look forward to what new content the next season will bring for helping you better your health today!


Published by Daniel Matthews

My passion is to help people regain their health through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle! I currently work as a Paramedic and an AIM Living Well Coach.

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