The healthiest and most Convenient fast food for children!

Are you struggling to find healthy food for your child?! I mean… REAL FOOD! Especially for your baby who is just starting out with pureed foods?! Can we actually trust the supermarket to give us something worthy of entering our child’s body?! 

Do you want Food for your children that is ↓

  • Good quality…
  • Trustworthy… 
  • Healthy…
  • A good price…
  • Easy to prepare… 
Baby food

How can we achieve this? And at the same time surpass the convenience, efficiency and ease of buying pre-made foods for your children from the supermarket? 

Starting at the beginning is very important. 

In my family we are currently starting pureed foods with our son Micah. He is our third child and I remember this stage with each one. I want the food to be everything mentioned above!

I know that his brain and tastes buds are being formed. It is SO IMPORTANT that he gets used to REAL – RAW – Nutritious food! We have found with our 2 girls that it is so much easier as they got older IF we started with raw vegetables at the beginning! You are training them to like vegetables! 

Children who do not start out eating fresh raw vegetables will have a hard time eating them later on throughout life.

On a side note… I believe that it is important even before the baby is born that the mother eats a lot of vegetables and fruit! 

  • Your food is feeding your baby when it’s in the belly… 
  • The mother will be healthy and have an easier pregnancy… 
  • AND… The baby will already become accustomed to vegetables! 

 Unfortunately today with our standard American diet (SAD) that we end up feeding our children (with maybe good intentions) “foods” that are from a bottle, refined, processed, modified and loaded with sugar! 

I know. Parenting can be exhausting.

Often times we become lazy and don’t want to “parent”. BUT you must take the extra effort to feed your children good food. It is our responsibility. They may not appear to be harmed or sick at first but eventually you will see how bad food will harm them. The battle is hard but it will be much more difficult later on. Do your self a big favour and fight the battle earlier rather than later. 

What we put into our bodies will eventually either harm us or help us.

I have 3 children under 4 years old. I know what happens! We make supper for ourselves and also something else for our children that they can eat… Children under 1 year old usually can’t eat solid foods that we can eat. We ultimately want something that is… 

  • Quick… 
  • Easy to prepare… 
  • But still tastes good so that they will eat it and not fight! Haha… 

Meal times can be stressful with babies and toddlers. Ultimately… We want food & meal times to be easy and CONVENIENT. Especially when we just don’t have time or we are out of the house and cannot make something quick for our child to eat.

Today we are so fortunate to have “food” that is conveniently prepared for us, cheap and ready to consume! Well… Problem solved right?! OR is it actually???

Can we trust the pre-made squeezy-tubes and bottled baby food??? They say organic on them? They kinda taste like a vegetable…? 

Time to re-think what you feed your baby.png


BUT. You must stop and re-think this.

What process does this “organic” squeezy-tube go through before it gets to my childs mouth? We know it’s definitely not fresh. What do they actually put in it? How much sugar and modified ingredients are concentrated in it? It says it’s made in the USA or Canada… What does that even mean? 

Now look… 

I am not saying that we don’t buy anything from the grocery store. We can. We do. There are busy times and times where some things just has to give.

There is a great BALANCE that must be achieved. And I believe there is an awareness that has to happen. Money rules today over good health because good health does not make money. Cheap and convenient processed food will win. 

There is a great need for:

  • Promoting good health
  • Awareness 
  • Change of perspective and priorities 
  • Balance
  • A healthy lifestyle 

As good health is promoted and we become aware of what our body needs and what is happening to our food, our perspective and priorities change. We desire good quality food over possessions and other things.  We begin to change what we put into our bodies with a balance of the majority of good foods vs minority of bad foods.  And so a healthy lifestyle has begun. We must gradually add in good habits and the bad will fade out. 


How do I begin? 

First, as much as possible, we must choose to buy food fresh from a local farm. If that is not available then try organic or as fresh and clean as you can find from the local health food store, market or supermarket. Follow the link HERE for more help on choosing the right food. 

Now getting back to what we can do provide healthy food that we can trust for our children. Food that matches the need for quick – easy – that tastes good – that is  convenient! 

Second, Food-Prep. I have found just the thing! A great “good habit” to include in your home for your family. What an advantage we have today! We can surpass the supermarkets with fresh clean nutritious food! And you can make it conveniently at your own home! 

All you need is…

  1. A good blender
  2. This baby food prep kit (squeeze machine) to get started making your own baby food! 

I find children (baby – toddlers – to preschool) seem to really like these squeezy-tubes! Older children and adults can just drink the smoothie!

Follow those links above or below to purchase them easily on amazon!

This is what we have been using and it works great! The blender that we use and that I highly recommend HERE. Also the baby-food prep kit that we use and I recommend HERE

Healthy Made Convenient.png


I have them, now what do I do? 

In our home we like to make popular blends we see in the supermarkets. A few of our favourites:

  • Kale, broccoli, banana
  • Sweet potato, Apples (or apple sauce) 
  • Kale (or spinach), avocado, banana

All we have to do is blend these together with 1 cup of water depending on how much you are blending and what your blender is. You just want to make sure it is the right consistency that you like so adjust as needed.

After it’s blended you can pour it into the squeeze machine. Push it through, put the lid on and place it in the fridge ready to go! The squeezy-tube bags may not be reusable but we have been reusing them for awhile with no problems. Just make sure they are rinsed and dried good after use. You can also buy extra tubes here!

Another cool feature! 

This kit comes with little spoons that attach to the squeezy-tubes and the food squeezes out onto the spoon! Supper easy! You can’t get more convenient than that! 

Easy Convenient.png

I hope this has been helpful!  Any questions?

Top foods to start your child on

  • Oatmeal
  • Avocado
  • Sweet potato
  • Squash
  • Banana
Kale Avocado Banana

What do you use to make food at home? Do you have any great recipes to share?

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My passion is to help people regain their health through nutrition and a balanced lifestyle! I currently work as a Paramedic and an AIM Living Well Coach.

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