Season 2

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In our culture today we live such a fast paced / busy life that we often go the easy way out and forget how to treat our bodies. Let’s come back to the basics. It is still possible to live a healthy vibrant life!

This year on the re-think-health PODCAST …

  1. I would like to continue sharing interviews with people who have amazing stories to regaining their health naturally. 
  2. Also, interviews with other health professionals to learn all there is available to help us.
  3. Share what my family is doing that works and maybe doesn’t work to help your family be healthy in today’s world. 
  4. If there is something gaining popularity in the natural health world I aim to study it out and explain it in SIMPLE terms. I want to bring clarity amongst the chaos of information. 

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I will aim for 1-2 episodes a month. 

I want to hear from you!
  1. Are there questions you want answers to?? 
  2. Is there a topic you want me to discuss?? 
  3. Do you know someone who has a powerful testimony to healing that should be heard?! 

Let me know in the comments below!! 

RTH Season 1 Promo

Episode 1. What is Acupuncture and how can it help me?

Episode 2. Barley grass, its preventative and therapeutic effects on the human body.

Episode 3. Top 3 things to do to have a healthy GUT.


Episode 4. Chlorophyll, its proven powerful benefits for health.

Re-think-health Podcast season 2 episode 5 cover

Episode 5. The remarkable benefits of beets for your health.

The importance of exercise podcast

Episode 6. The proven importance of exercise and being active.

Green tea vs Matcha tea Podcast

Green tea vs Matcha tea

How to improve eye health

Improve your eye health naturally.

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2 thoughts on “Season 2

  1. Do you have any favourite “super foods” that you like to keep as a staple in your diet. Foods that are packed full of certain nutrients and minerals to keep you healthy?

    Any foods that provide anti-inflammatory responses and are good for people with chronic conditions?

    What plant foods are best to get protein if I choose to be vegetarian?


    1. Thanks for the questions!

      For sure. I dont think its about one certain food. We have many foods that have such powerful properties! I think we often underestimate vegetation. But in short, I find avocados are a perfect food, filled with all our cells need. A lot of leafy greens. Barley grass would be a stable in our diet with very powerful healing properties. Carrots and beets.. And a healthy does of fiber from fruits, veggies, herbs, seeds and fermented foods.

      For anti-inflammatory.. Barley grass for sure. Ginger tea and root and tumeric. Garlic. Blueberries… Even Cacoa.

      I am not a vegan but there are plenty of foods high in aminos that are the building blocks for protein. Like.. Hemp seeds have 9grams per 2tbsp! Chia seeds are similar. Avocado has a host of aminos. Green peas and lentils..

      Please feel free to go to my contact page and send me an email if you have any further questions!


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