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Welcome to Re-think-Health! I am so glad you are here! is all about teaching and promoting how you can eat and live that leads to a healthy lifestyle for the whole family today!

So WHY do you need to rethink your health?

Working in the health care system today, I began to quickly see that the vast majority of us are sick BECAUSE of the LIFESTYLE we live. And what you put into your body will either HARM you or HELP you. 

Despite the advancements in medical care and treatment, the population is very sick and struggling to find answers. I believe we should stop getting distracted by the symptoms and pay more attention to the root problem

We have moved far away from what we are made to eat and how we are made to live. Have we forgotten how to take care of our bodies? Do we just leave it all to a pill to fix everything?

Good health does not make a lot of dollars. Therefore, this message is hidden! You are not taught how you can have a great quality of life. The majority of medical care and healthcare dollars are spent on the care of chronic disease. It is primarily a “disease care” and a “symptom relief” system.

I believe that, yes treating symptoms helps save lives daily! However, a big piece of the puzzle is missing.

To be healthy… (And by that I mean, living a vibrant – symptom free life! Not surviving because of medications that make symptoms just bearable, or ease the pain to just “get by” until the next med adjustment) We must take the context of the whole body. Seek the root problem. Not cover it up.

Take High blood pressure for example.

Medications do a great job at keeping it where it should be. Very useful in emergency care. However, what happens when you have to stay on that med for life? How much does it affect your body?

What happens when you stop taking that med? Back to your high blood pressure again. It does not cure the root problem. It may even be very dangerous for your health to stay on that medication.

But what usually happens when you start being active and exercising? And you begin eating a diet full of healthy foods and limiting processed junk food?

Your blood pressure gradually returns to normal. The body is enabled to return to its natural state.


The body wants to be healthy! It wants to thrive and be full of joy and life! It does not want to be sick. It works day and night to stay at “its normal state“. A healthy state. You just need to give it what it needs to do its job. The body is one system. Once it starts to improve then every part can improve.

We must not only just provide “symptom relief” or “disease care” but we MUST also get to the root of the problem which enables us to overcome our sickness.

I believe that you may be sick because your diet and lifestyle today has left you (your cells) TOXIC & DEFICIENT. If you correct and improve these, then you have a great chance of getting better and staying better.

Not a diet but a lifestyle.

Diet and lifestyle. 2 pictures, 1 showing people jumping on the beach in the waves. Other showing fruits, veggies, seeds and meat.

My goal at re-think-health

To help guide families back to living healthy lives through the food you eat to the lifestyle you live.

As a paramedic, I see over and over again how the majority of people that are sick, are sick because of what they eat and how they treat their bodies.

Improve these two things and better health can be just around the corner!

You have been given all you need to live a healthy life.

If you start adding in good habits then the bad habits will eventually go. You can have such better quality of life.

  • Increased energy…
  • Decreased pain…
  • A clear mind and better memory…
  • Weight lost…
  • Anxiety turned into joy.
  • Chronic conditions improved?

Let’s do this in 2 ways.

  1. Promotion and education. Let’s start with some foundation blocks to shape our mindset (come out of the clouds and see the sun) and educate us on food, habits, lifestyle choices, and others…
  2. Practice. Then begin adding in practical ways that you and your family can work at being healthy in this busy world you live in today. Tailored to you at your pace.

We will cover topics like…

  • The body you live in.
  • The food you eat.
  • The lifestyle you live.
  • The medications you take.
  • The diagnoses you live with.
  • The healthcare system we have.
  • The culture we live in.
  • How God designed your cells, tissues, organs and organ systems work to maintain your health, every second of every day.

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