Is Celery Juice good for me or is it a myth?

Celery juice has become very popular today! As a health Coach I think it is so good that a vegetable is hitting the headlines. HOWEVER, being me, I am always sceptical of “new fads“. We need to be careful and not just follow something because everyone else is.

So. I did some research and here is what I found. But first let’s make a foundation and build up from there. We will talk about…

  • What is celery and what is its History?
  • The Top 3 reasons why we should add celery to our diet.
  • Should I drink celery juice?

What is celery?

There are 2 kinds of celery that I know of. In North America we have Pascal Celery. In Europe there is a kind called Celeriac. Celery is a vegetable in the Apiaceae Family with Carrots and parsley. Interestingly, a lot of aromatic flowering plants are in this family as well.

Historical evidence of its use has been found as far back as 1300 BC. Oddly enough, the leaves from celery were used in decorating (which may be why its part of a flowering plant family). Although people have mostly used it throughout history as a natural detox tonic.

Celery is best grown with a lot of moisture and in cooler climates. Today we have to be very careful because it is usually heavily sprayed with chemicals. We should buy it from a local farm that we trust or at least buy it organically to have minimal exposure to herbicides and pesticides as it is in the dirty dozen. Make sure its stocks are firm and that its leaves are bright coloured.

Celery produce

3 Reasons why we should add Celery to our diet.

1. It is known to heal the Gut.

⇒ If you are familiar with re-think-health, you know that I take the gut seriously. It is so important to our health because everything flows in and out of our bowels (the gastrointestinal system). The majority of our immune system is in our gut. If it is not healthy than gradually more and more organs and organ systems will become damaged. Many chronic conditions and autoimmune problems have improved when the bowels heal.

Celery is full of nutrients that sooth and relax the intestinal wall. It also has enzymes that increase hydrochloric acid in the stomach which is used to digest food. This makes it a lot easier for our digestion. If digestion is easy then absorption and elimination will be easier. It also has a fiber called pectin that moves things along and protects the lining.

All this will help clean → nourish → protect our cells. It will help with…

  • Ulcers
  • IBS
  • Chron’s
  • Colon issues including cancer.


2. It has Low calories with a high level of Nutrients and Antioxidants.

Anything with low calories will be a hit today. That means we can receive good cell nourishment while not eating a lot of food and not gaining weight!

Celery has more than 12 types of Flavonoids (Antioxidants) like saponin and luteolin which fight disease-causing organisms protecting our cells against damage.

  • Vitamins → K, C, Folate and other B Vitamins.
  • Minerals → Potassium, Calcium, Manganese, Sodium, Magnesium, Iron, Selenium and others!

With the amount of micronutrients (vitamins/minerals) that it has, it has great potential to nourish our cells to maintain good health.

More celery

3. It Hydrates, Alkalizes and reduces inflammation.

Really 3 points in one! So many benefits of celery. But really any vegetable is so full of nutrients that our cells need. I put these 3 together for simplicity and because they all work together when we understand how the body works.

The water content in celery is very high and with that water comes a host of enzymes and electrolytes! This would be perfect in place of energy drinks, mineral water and gatorade drinks we have today. They are so toxic and DE-hydrating with all the synthetic ingredients and SUGAR!

One thing that is probably my favourite is that it is Alkalizing! This is so important for us today because of our high acidic diet. This acidity dehydrates and kills our cells allowing disease to grow. So many of us may notice big changes if we have an Alkalizing agent which balances our pH.

And if we have hydration and a balanced pH then we can see inflammation diminish. But it gets even better because Celery has Luteolin (an anti-oxidant) that is one of the best for reducing inflammation! Celery also…

  • Balances or mineral levels.
  • Protects our healthy cells.
  • Has minerals like potassium and sodium that monitor our fluids and flushes toxins out.

The body is one system. If we give it what it needs to work then we can watch the body begin to heal itself. With the benefits of celery we may notice improvements in

  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • IBS, Crohn’s and other bowel conditions.
  • Gout
  • Osteoporosis and stronger skeletal system (our bones).
  • Boosted immunity
  • And many others.

Celery Juice

Should I drink celery juice?!

I think you need to be very careful of any “new fads“. It is very popular today but in the midst of it you need to search for balance. You need a balanced diet of all fruits and vegetables. You need to be careful not to always follow the crowd and stay consistent. History has seen lots of people live vibrant lives without celery juice.

A well balanced diet is not balanced if it lives off of one source. 

With being consistent in my view on re-think-health, I would say that YES we should juice Celery! Juicing is a wonderful toll to help our family stay healthy today! HOWEVER, (like anything) it should be ADDED into a healthy diet. A person may temporarily see improvements in their health but it ultimately depends on your lifestyle and what you choose to eat long term that will determine the health of your cells.

Choose to juice celery as a great healthy addition to your lifestyle. Adding other vegetables in it will greatly benefit you as well.


  • Drink fresh, raw juice and lot’s of water in place of heavily caffinated or sugary drinks. First thing in the morning is great because our cells need a boost to get us through the day. Also, our bowels are empty so it is a good time to heal – replenish – nourish.
  • Get a good juicer or blender that will allow you to absorb all the nutrients and save money in the long run.
  • Learn here about All you need guide to Juicing & Blending before you start!

Celery Juice Recipe:

  • 2 Granny smith apples
  • 4-5 Big stalks of Celery
  • 1/2 a lime
  • 1″ of ginger root or less according to your liking. 

Here are some great juicing recipes that has helped my family!


My question for you! 

Have you juiced celery before? What did you notice and how did it help you? 

Please comment below! I would love to hear from you! 

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